Thursday, August 9, 2007

Positive move, but not good enough

Yesterday, two different issues came up which i like to write about.

First, all of university students, who have been apprehended during the peaceful gathering of 18 Tir this year in Iran, were released.

While it can be seen as a good gesture, it does not go far enough, still there are three more students, Ahmad Ghassaban, Majid Tavakoli and Ehsan Mansouri, in custody. I would like to bring to the attention of Mr. Hassan Adel, deputy of the Tehran's public prosecutor, his boss Mr. Mortazavi, and the leader of the Islamic Republic Judiciary, Mr. Shahrodi their duties and responsibilities under the sub-sections (1,2), section 156 of the Islamic Republic Constitution which clearly states:

"The judiciary is an independent power, the protector of the rights of the individual and society, responsible for the implementation of justice, and entrusted with the following duties:

1.investigating and passing judgement on grievances, violations of rights, and complaints; the resolving of litigation; the settling of disputes; and the taking of all necessary decisions and measures in probate matters as the law may determine;

2.restoring public rights and promoting justice and legitimate freedoms;"

And add this, A judge and A lawyer has entrenched responsibilities!

Second issue, there was a peaceful gathering in front of Mr. Mansour Osanlo's, the leader of the Transport Workers Union, home in Tehran. The gathering was to ask for his and his colleague release, it was part of an International campaign for their release.

But, the very bad news was that, not only they have not been released but also there were threats and more arrests too! I was just wondering if the Islamic Republic Government of Iran, or for that matter whoever pulls the strings in Tehran is familiar with the words, civil rights, citizen's rights, human rights, democratic rights, the International covenants which Iran is a signatory and the last one, public relation!

They better familiar themselves to these words sooner than later and boot out whoever is not!

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