Sunday, January 20, 2008

Iranian university students must be freed

Protest by mothers of the Missing Chileans students
who disappeared during Pinochet's dictatorship,
Santiago, Chile, South America
Photographer: Aaron Mccov

January 30, 2008, A solidarity day to support the release of the Iranian university students from detention.

A group of Iranian Bloggers have come together to name their blogs 'solidarity', on the day, for the release of the students from the arbitrary detention.

You can join us by putting the above banners on your site or blog and writing to the President of Islamic Republic and the head of the Judiciary.

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  1. با سلام و عرض خسته نباشيد ، وبلاگ هواداران سازمان فداييان ( اقليت ) با درج " مصاحبه راديو دمکراسی شورائی با حسن امیری الیاسی (پدر کیوان الیاسی) درباره ملاقات خانواده ها با دانشجويان دربند " و " مصاحبه با الهام احسنی خواهر نادر احسنی دانشجوی زندانی که هنوز پس از گذشت بيش از پنجاه روز خانواده‌اش از وضعيت وی بی خبرند " به روز شد.