Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Islamic Republic Enters Danger Zone

"Britain cannot expect acting against the Islamic Republic's interest without any consequences", said yesterday the Chair of the Foreign Committee of the Islamic Republic Parliament. This is surely a clear indication that the invasion of the British Embassy yesterday in Tehran has been discussed and decided at the highest level of the country political and military apparatus. This also underlines the urgency of dealing with a dangerous few seriously threatening  the international peace and stability. They are none but those small numbers of military people who orchestrated the presidential election coup against the people of Iran over two years ago. They have taken Iran; its national wealth; and of course its people hostage. What do they really want? They basically want to be left alone to do whatever they want to whoever they see fit to only serve their own interests. They did it to the people of Iran and their country. They have been working hard to bring the Middle East and wider region under their clout. And now, with their intention to acquire the big B; they have targeted the international community. Invasion of an embassy and taking its diplomatic staff hostage is no difference than taking the international community hostage in wider scope.  

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