Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thank you

Something good and interesting has happened this week. I don't know how but it is extremely encouraging. Number of readers on my both blogs English, here, and the Persian, Farsi, here, has jumped by almost two hundred percent. I thank you all for your time spent here. That gives me extra needed energy to up-date my blogs more regularly.

I believe we are going through a period of political transformation in the Middle East, Africa and the wider world. While few dictators of the regions have already been toppled; the Libyan; Syrian and the one who speaks my language are desperately resisting. That is why I strive to write as much and as often as I possibly can here. We need to monitoring the situation on the grounds in those countries constantly and continuously. We then convey unfolding events and information to the wider audience promptly. That is my intention. 

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