Thursday, September 29, 2011

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why should the people of Iran eschew any future election held in the country?

The military controlled regime in Tehran; seriously uncomfortable watching the Libyan-Syrian developments, has embarked on a parliamentary election-campaign. It has released over 70 political prisoners mostly reformists politicians and encouraged the opposition participation in the coming election. The regime desperately needs the people participation. It is crucially important for the regime to depict a different political picture of Iran than to that of the Libya-Syria's and/or the ones of Egypt earlier. But the bad news for them is that the Iranian people are much smarter than them in a sense that what the people did; by the participation of close to %80 in the last disputed presidential election; was to put the regime at an election point.

That was electing between the return of the sovereignty to its rightful owner; the people of Iran OR standing against them ie a soft military coup. The regime wrongly elected the latter. The regime, say Ayatollah and his military people, was, however, right on anticipating that the road Iranians were putting them on was the same road as Mubarak of Egypt gone; Ghaddafi of Libya is almost there; and Assad of Syria must reach. But what Ayatollah and his military should ask themselves now is this; was it worthed? Only a few years more in power? At what costs to the Iranian people and their country?

They are now in a rather worse position than before; dire indeed, when talking about the parliamentary election and even future presidential one. Ayatollah is in desperate need to depict a different dictator than those mentioned above, he is right, to be fair to him, to the extent that he doesn’t speak Arabic! And he has no choice but to encourage Iranians to participate in the election. That was the reason behind the release of over 70 political prisoners recently, mostly reformist politicians. They even displayed the former president Khatami to speak about the importance of the election.

I seriously believe that Ayatollah and his military culprits gravely underestimate the Iranians’ political astuteness. That is obvious for they still do not realise the gravity of the ball people put into their court. They illusionary credited the people’s participation in that election to their own political smartness. But they may come to grasp the reality this time around, when Iranians stay at home for any future election to the same effect of what they did over two years ago. That is simply because the last time we, and the outside world, were being shown by the people what they want; and they will demonstrate the same want by sitting at their homes; on any days called the election-day; in future.

The people of Iran planted the seeds of human rights and democracy for the people of the Middle East and Africa whom are now enjoying the fruits.

Iranians are deserved the same fruits and they are going to taste it soon-I am positive.