Monday, February 28, 2011


Iran's dictator and his generals arrested Messrs Mosavi-Karobi, the Green Leaders, along with their wives.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Iran's dictator thugs are attacking the daughter of Hashemi Rafsanjani 's, ex-Iranian president, the chair of both the Expediency Council and the Assembly of Experts. They use the most vulgar language possible against her!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Iran's Dictator and Generals at the Same Familiar Two Ways Road

A year and a half ago, before the rigged presidential-election in Iran, Iran's dictator,Ali Khamenei, and his generals had reached the end of a two ways road and had to make a hard and chilling decision. They either had to let people exercise their democratic right and impose their will of change which would have gradually and eventually undermined the dictator's position; or stand on their way by force. They chose the latter. They grossly underestimated the people's resoluteness; and now are paying the price, while find themselves at the same spot. This time, however; they neither have the discretion to simply choose between the ways nor an unlimited time.

Last time it was one year before the rigged election in Iran, when the dictator and his co-culprits reached the conclusion that in order to hold on to their political power and privileges; they must bypass the people’s vote. It was despite the election of president Obama into the White House earlier and that he has extended his unclenched fist toward Tehran. It was also, and more importantly, at the time when a young, and long-awaited, Iranian generation has sensed the opportunity to materialize their aspiration for democracy. However, having ignored the significance of the timings the dictator and Co went ahead and executed their coup project–they made a selfish unforgivable strategic mistake.

By doing that, Khamenei and Co not only denied the Iranians an historic opportunity to taste their freedom and democracy after almost 100 years of struggle but also botched the chance of repairing the well-dented US-Iran relation after 32 years of hostility. Such relationship was, and is, more important and beneficiary to Iran and its people than to the US. The main unanswered question remains; why? Why did Khamenei and Co jeopardize the historic opportunities? There could only be two logical explanations for their irresponsible behavior.

First is that they were, and are, honest about what they are claiming to be. That is that they are a group of magnificent holly men who are only holding to their Islamic regime as their theological beliefs command. Khamenei has argued all along that the West and “the US in particular are in the region to topple their holly regime.” Therefore they had no choice but to stand firm and defend their religious beliefs. They justified this as a duty under god upon themselves. They accused the opposition, Green leaders and the people who voted for them, of not being politically astute.

This was an old ware-out justification, though, rooted back to a period after the 2003 Iraq’s invasion. Back then when the Khatami’s, former Iranian president, letter of cooperation to the White House ended up into the rubbish bin under the Dick Cheney’s desk; the Islamic Republic clenched its fist. It considered that as a matter of national security necessity. In fact the then US president G.W. Bush, his vice-president Cheney and his Defense Secretary, Ramsfield had all implied that the Islamic Republic and its dictator were heading in the same road and direction as Saddam did. Since then those threats have been significantly played in the hand of the Islamic Republic’s reactionaries under Ali Khameneei’s leadership. They brought in Ahmadi Nejad, simply a puppet with big mouth only, to dealing with those threats. The rest we all know about; questioning the Holocausts; threat to destroying Israel should Iran be attacked; moving Israel to Alaska etc he used to talk since he has been put into office.

But the biggest challenge Khameneei and Co are facing is the selling to the Iranian public the holiness of their actions. It is particularly challenging in the face of the crimes committed against people in the aftermath of their coup. Crimes such as rape; torture; and extra judicial killings committed against peaceful demonstrators; orchestrated by the dictator and his generals are all considered unIslamic. That means they are against the god and its book’s, Quran, teaching. In other words whoever commits such crimes cannot possibly claim to be a true Muslim let alone predicate them to save Islam, Quran or even god’s will. Many of those crimes are punishable by death in Islam. Holly men fighting for god and the survival of his religion are not to commit crimes punishable by death in his book! Ali Khamenei and his generals cannot even claim to be a true Muslim.

This leaves us only with the second logical explanation for their election-coup; that is Khamenei and his generals are just bunch of ordinary belonged-to-past politicians–mafia criminals–and money hungriest. And that they sensed a potential for a new US-Iran relation and simply tried to get rid of their domestic rivals to usher that relation with the West and in particular with the US and claim its credit.

Nevertheless, as politicians, they were not as smart though. To start with; they have mistaken the president Obama’s offer. President Obama and his administration sought a new and sound beginning with Iran and its people. They have never meant to have a new beginning with a dictator supported with a bunch of criminals. President Obama and his advisers were well aware of the difference between the 20th and 21st centuries relations; they knew the Cold War era, when a president of the United States and his advisers had an extra overriding element to consider, has long past! Khamenei and Co were well behind the time though! They misconceived the Obama’s offer badly and when at the two ways road; headed full-steam in the wrong way.

What Ali Khamenei and Co did before the rigged presidential-election was a huge mistake on their part. A mixture of arrogance, miscalculation, not knowing the scale and scope of the people’s determination; and wrong historical perception led them to incompetently ignore the aspiration of millions of Iranian for freedom and democracy. While they were conscious of the fact that the new Iranian generation is a silent resister; yet dared to ignore them. They have now found themselves trapped in their own created mess. They are facing an angry young Iranians who had initially come to streets asking for their ignored vote; but now chanting “Down with Khameni”; “Down with Dictator”; or “No to Gaza No to Lebanon I only give my life for Iran”; and “long live the Iranian Republic-as oppose to the Islamic Republic”!

One and a half year after the rigged election, the Islamic establishment has found itself at the same two ways road; it was before then. Only this time has no discretion to choose which way it should take; and not much time to think. If it makes a mistake; soon we won’t have such thing as the Islamic Republic which we used to know in the past 32 years.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Surgeries of the Cancerous Dictator-Tumor

Recent people uprisings in Tunisia, Yemen and Egypt against their dictators are not just about some political wounds needing a temporary bandaging or to be cured by small surgeries here and there. They rather have the common characteristic of an advanced cancerous tumor which required an immediate surgery. The surgery was belated, however a must in order to have a new and healthy political environment in Africa and the Middle East--it seems the White House and the West in general are agreed too.

Now after those countries' dictators ran for cover, Iranians learned that how easy is to get rid of a dictator; they came to streets this week demanding their dictator removal. While learning may not be a right word in this context; since Iranians were on streets after Iran's rigged presidential election over a year and a half ago, well before the Tunisians and Egyptians, their demand is the same; they want to see the demise of Tehran's dictator after more than 20 years; or indeed 32 years of the Islamic establishment.

Iran's Green chose Bahman 25, Feb 14, wisely, just three days after the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic revolution in 1979 held on Bahman 22, every year. Choosing a different day was intentional; because they did not want their protest against the Iran's dictator, in line with the Tunisians and Egyptians, being hijacked by the regime. They successfully came to streets chanting in a tune of "after Bin Ali (Tunisian Dictator), Mubarak (Egyptian Dictator); is Syd Ali's, the first name of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic; Iran's Dictator, turn to go." While they faced and dared strong armed paramilitary Basijies (a branch of the Revolutionary Guards), and two young students have been shot dead; they achieved their goal. 

Their presence on streets against the dictator and his supporters has served two purposes. First and foremost, they proved that their movement is very much alive. Contrary to what the regime and its military establishment have been trying hard to prove otherwise. Secondly, they sent a clear message and ultimatum to the dictator and his camp. The message was conspicuous; we are young and educated; the dictatorship era is over; acknowledge it before it is late.

While the Green Movement means the young new Iranian generation which is without a doubt invincible; it needed yet another ignition after over a year silence. They are illuminating. The angry responses we have been getting; since the protest in the past three days, from the dictator's camp are self-evident. Ali Larijani, the Speaker of the Islamic Republic Parliament, has angrily threatened to initiate a committee investigating the Green's leaders, Mr Mosavi and Mr Karobi for "their anti-revolutionary behavior." It should be noted here that after the last year presidential coup; Mr Larijani, the so-called Speaker of the house, had called Iran's Parliament; "the leader's Parliament". He does not even know what parliament means; and to whom it belongs. He is simply not fit for the position. Moreover, the so-called members of the Parliament have gone further; demanding the executions of Mr Mosavi and Mr Karobi. In response; different students and university organizations have threaten a revolutionary response should any harm comes to the leaders or their families.

The dictator and his camp are now facing a serious challenge with unknown, or perhaps known, consequences. They have had the Green's Leaders, Mr Mosavi and Mr Karobi, under house arrest since Bahman 24, a day before the demonstration. They have also severed their connections with the outside world. And at the time of writing there are reports suggesting that organized-thugs, governmental, have surrounded their houses.

The last card for the dictator and his thugs to play is to arrest or try to harm them in the name of the revolutionary people's response--the way with which they have been executing their crimes against humanity in the past one and half years at least. However, that would be their last mistake--I strongly believe. Just to be sure, I would like to see; and it is extremely necessary, the West directly and openly warns the dictator and his thugs against any such crimes now!