Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Screwy Supreme Leader Who Lost Touch With Time

More than a year later with thousands of victims many of whom raped; tortured to death; and killed, the Islamic Republic Supreme Leader, Ali Khameneei, was talking to his co-culprits Militia Basijis - the killing machine - this week.

It was during the Ghadir Khumm Eid - an annual festival which commemorates an event happened on March 10, 632 AD at a place called Ghadir Khumm in Saudi Arabia. He was telling this little but fully armed forces, against unarmed and defenceless civilians of course, that his political opponents were, and are, acting against Iran's national interests. A pious deception by a self-righteous person who last year dared to stand against the will of tens of millions of Iranians whom peacefully tried to retake their country back at the ballot boxes. But what he did was not only an election-coup but also a display of his inability to digest the reality of the real-time Iran. On the eyes of those millions; he is irrelevant. He is angry about that. The anger reflects on his further arrogant threats against people.

Whilst he and his co-culprits are extremely worried about the potential people's reactions to future ramifications of the UN-US sanctions and the danger it may pose to their illegitimate authority, they moved this year ceremony to a remote small area out of Tehran. Their purpose was to force a very small number of Basijis, probably in hundreds or thousands, into a closed area in front of their own cameras, taken photos and films purportedly showing a large numbers of fervent disciples. However, this kind of political gimmicks will no longer fool anyone in or out of the country; they only further prove that how desperate their situation is. Needless to mention, this regime has been in the business of feeding photoshop created photos and/or manipulated films to the outside world for years. I would not be very wrong if I explain their business as of the necessity of compensating steady drop in their popularity due to Iran's demographic changes during the last 15 years at least. As the population of young educated Iranians grew so did the numbers of whom ridicules his nonsense authority. That was exactly what he met last year on streets of Iranian cities.

Nonetheless, and regardless of their desperate manipulative attempts, to see the uncertainty of his shaky holding to power, one only needs to read between the lines of his remarks this week. "Our outside enemies were happy to see people protesting on streets and now they are trying to help them out", he said. He was referring to the sanctions and the following pressures for a democratic Iran in which human rights are protected. An Iran where there is no prisoners of conscious. An Iran where law rules. An Iran where there is no arbitrary arrest. An Iran where there is no torture. An Iran where there is no extra judicial killing. But the fact that he is an alien to all of these was depicted on those barbaric bashing; torturing to death; and the killing of peaceful Iranians last year. It further illustrates his incapability of appreciation of Charles Darwin teaching some 150 years ago that human beings need adaptation and variation in order to survive new times and circumstances.

But the good news for the Iranians and the outside world is that he and his co-culprits are nervous. They are worried about the unknown. That is the unknown results of would-be devastating economic sanctions against him, his generals and his close associates; the mafia which controls over 80% of the country's economy.

Now such a little guy in Iran walks around the region and world spending billions of dollars of Iran's money, belonged to the Iranian people, on terrorist or alike organizations just to inflate his feeble image and claim his credential in the Shiite Islamic world. However, scholarly, he is effectively nobody in the Shiite Islamic world. He is nowhere close to the prominent Shiite scholars such as Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani in Iraq, or of the Lebanon's late Sayyad Mohammad Hussein Fadl-Allah, or even many other Ayatollahs in Iran. Yet he self-declared himself the World Shiite Muslim Leader. In that sense he is pretentious too.

World has got nothing to be worried about this guy, his ability or his co-culprits in Iran or his terrorists networks around the region or elsewhere. Internally, they are weak and vitally vulnerable against the Iranian people. Externally, all terrorists groups they have been, and are, supporting are living on the monies coming from Iran's oil and gas fields. If you hit an octopus' head; his arms are of no use!  

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Friends of Free Iran

As you may have noticed, I have been actively updated this blog recently. There is a reason for that. I, and the Friends of Free Iran, strongly believe Iran is now officially a lawless country. A country in which the concept of 'separation of powers' does not exist. Just because a constitution drafted so corruptly which confers in a single person - Wali Faghih (Supreme Leader) - such an absolute power that can only be described as fraudulent. A single person - today Ali Khameneei - who acts god. This is madness. A person at his 80+ years of age; yet by himself alone decides over the lives of tens of millions of Iranians and their country! A person who along with a bunch of well-paid loyalists, read a number of Revolutionary Guards generals and their Basijis militia, holds Iran and its people hostage and denies them their sovereignty.

This small group of people, perhaps, numbering less than 20 with a minority supporters of 10 percent or less out of the total of 70 millions people; have no right whatsoever to enforce their will upon the majority. Notwithstanding these figures are not scientifically produced, until such a time when an independent international body holds a referendum - simply because this regime has no credibility to conduct such a referendum - asking all Iranians, regardless of where they live, their views on the current system of government; no one is in a position to repudiate these numbers. Thus the very sovereignty of the Islamic Republic in Iran is questionable.

Friends of Free Iran is advocating such a referendum and strongly believes Iran must be returned to its sovereign; the people.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Counting Down for the Tyrannic Regime in Tehran

President Obama this week has urged the US Senate to pass a bill - currently is being debated in the Senate - to clear the way for signing a nuclear pact with Russia. He called the treaty "imperative for the US national security."

Interestingly the debate in Washington has coincided with other - apparently separate but well-woven - developments at the world stage. First and significant for us in Australia was the visit by the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, along with her Cabinet colleague the Secretary of Defense - Robert Gates. They were here to discuss a greater military coöperation between Australia and the US. Both sides emphasized on a stronger military ties which may be translated to a stronger US military presence in South-East Asia. This, based on China's global activities including in the region, should have understandably happened earlier. However, my guess is the White House had been carefully studying its arch rivals and calculating proper responses accordingly. What it meant is the US foreign policy-making-machine had been mixing all the available economical and security ingredients and put them into its foreign-policy-oven. What Ms. Clinton announced last week in Australia, and the president adamantly said on the importance of the nuclear pact with Russia are both - I believe - the end products out of the oven. The products are finally presented to world for tasting. There is a fundamental shift in policy regarding Russia though; and understandably so.

Comparing the Missiles-Defense-Shield-Program of the Bush presidency, seen by the Russians as a direct threat to their national security, president Obama has apparently walked away from it. Not only did that, he has also invited Russia to join a similar program which expands all over the European countries to protect them from evils in Tehran. But I would suggest it is not the president by himself alone behind the idea today. It was - I believe - probably the entire US political machine that reached a turning point in 2008 - at the time when Russia invaded Georgia. Projected by the current Prime Minister of Russia Viladimir Putin - president at the time - back then by his uncompromising action over Georgia; the alternative was unimaginable. That caused the US to change course in relation to its arch rival of the Cold War. Since then it has received good - but calculated - responses from Moscow.

And today in light of increased feasibility of using force, in order to stop Tehran's generals making a Big-Bomb and consequently endangering the world peace and stability, against the tyrannic regime of Mullas in Tehran, Russia's role has been magnified. In any event relating to Tehran, Russia would, undoubtedly, be a serious player. US now seems to acknowledge that fact, and accords Russia with incentives - rather than deterrents in case of China - such as the nuclear pact with a further option to coöperate with or even joining the NATO in future. The incentives may also deem necessary in the wake of a recent new development - the deployment of M1 Tanks to Afghanistan by the US after almost 10 years war - reported by the Washington Post. Russia needed its insurance policy in case of any significant escalation in the existing war in Afghanistan or should a new conflict with the tyrannic regime in Tehran triggered. The bell is ringing loud and clear for the regime in Tehran.
Notwithstanding of existing hurdles the tyrannic regimes are unacceptable in the Middle East and must be dealt with accordingly; especially Iran. Counting down for the regime in Tehran has long been started.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Are we heading towards a new conflict?

After a lengthy delay, the next nuclear discussion meeting between Iran and the 5+1 countries (the US, the UK, France, China, Russia plus Germany) is scheduled for December 02. Before that, I would like to draw some attentions to some existing discrepancies.

After the rigged presidential election last year, the legitimacy of the president Ahmadi Nejad's government has been stripped off by the Iranian people. Tens of millions of whom, world was witnessing, on streets of Iranian cities chanting against Ahmadi Nejad and the Islamic establishment. Now, a representative coming from Iran to represent the country has no mandate from the people of Iran. He would then be only capable of representing an illegitimate government. He should therefore be received as such only. He comes in his capacity as representative of Ali Khamenei - the Supreme Leader - Ahmadi Nejad and a small number of military and security people who orchestrated the election coup last year. These are the people whom committed enormous crimes against Iranians since then; and international and human rights law would define them as criminals against humanity. Iranians do not recognise the government runs by these people. The US has also recently signaled that "changes in circumstances" have affected any future negotiation; which probably should be interpreted as of meaning of the foresaid.

Furhermore and as a matter of fact, the very legitimacy of the Islamic regime itself with Ali Khamenei, as Wali Faghih or the Supreme Leader, has been undermined by the majority of people. And the legitimacy of this regime will never be restored unless the regime agrees to hold a referendum under a UN's mandate asking the Iranian people if they want such theocratic regime in Tehran. The chance of regime entertains such a demand is zero; simply because it knows better than anyone else that it has no legitimacy whatsoever. It knows very well that as soon as it removes the lancet from the people's throat; there wouldn't be an Islamic regime in existence anymore. This view is supported by the fact that close to 70+% of the Iran's current 70 millions population are under 35 years of age. This corresponds to more than 49 millions of the country's population whom had not been born, or must have had been under age of 5 years, at the time of so-called revolution in 1979. Notably this huge chunk of the population have got nothing to do with the establishment of the current Islamic regime except being oppressed by it. These people mostly formed those millions on streets of Iranian cities last year protesting against Ali Khameneei, the Supreme Leader, and the very existence of the Islamic regime. Iran belongs to them; they are the true owners of the country. And they did not vote for Ahmadi Nejad.

Considering the view point of the 5+1 countries at the coming up meeting, it would be imprudent by any standard to ignore these numbers; and think such an unstable government is capable of holding any meaningful negotiation on behalf of these people and their country. Nonetheless, according to signals already received from the world community since the election, I tend to believe that the 5+1 heeds the same view, though it ostensibly negotiates with this government. It has visibly avoided actions which inimically affect the interests of the Iranian people. I trust the new sanctions measured against the regime have been designed to serve that goal too.

At the negotiating table the 5+1 is facing some serious questions. Questions are included but not limited to: what an illegitimate government of Ahmadi Nejad has or is indeed able to offer without the support of its people? How stable such a government or regime are? How much can we bet on an old horse? Can we afford to be complacent in light of their active pursue of nuclear device?

All in all, an illegitimate government or its regime can not give what they don't have. The guarantee and authority lie with the people of Iran.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Please don't ever try again!

Islamic Republic Generals Are Contemplating A Dangerous Game

It was in news today that Mr. Manochehr Mottaki, Foreign Minister of the Islamic regime of Iran, has traveled to Nigeria. The purpose of his trip was to sorting out the recent crisis of heavy-arms shipment to the country which is believed to have been loaded in the port city of Bandar Abbas, south of Iran.

Reports suggested that two Iranian business men were purportedly behind the shipment. However, whoever has a little knowledge about Iran tells you that these individuals have not been in a position to simply ship such a military cargo out of the country. Unless of course they had the shipment authorised beforehand. Such authorisation could have only been given at the highest level of government and military - most likely the Revolutionary Guards Corp (RGC). That is why, perhaps, the request made by the Nigerian authorities to have access and interview the individuals involved, now took refuge in the Islamic regime's Embassy in Abuja, was categorically denied by Mr. Mottaki. His government and his fellow revolutionary guards friends in Tehran are worry, and they should be, about the out-comes of such interviews.

Nevertheless, I am neither really concerned about the real shipper or shippers of the cargo nor its contents. It is simply because being concerned about these are just time wasting exercise. What really concerns me though is the mindset of military people in Iran. That is those who last year did the coup d'etat against the people of Iran. Those who took Iran and its people hostage. Those who complacently think that they have established themselves as a tainted military regime; and the game is over! Those who by the support of their regional terrorist organisations led to believe that they have the instability of the Middle East at their finger tips; and now try to reach out their fingers at the instability-button of Africa and beyond.

That is a dangerous game this little minority in Tehran is contemplating. This game is my real concern; and I strongly believe that it should be the concern of the peaceful world as well. I am sure; it is. But there is a simple enough solution for the dilemma; only Tehran tries to depict it as unthinkable.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Terrorist's Blunder

It seems to me that those billions of dollars of Iranians' money the Islamic regime in Tehran has spent to create and maintain the Lebanese Hezbollah, terrorist organisation, over the last three decades has returned its dividend. Beside sponsoring terror operations, it has also made the Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nasrollah, confused. Two days ago, he called Iran an Arab country! "There is nothing Persian about Iran", he said.

I can only envisage two possibilities for such a blunder. First, since Hezbollah is the main suspect in the investigation currently undertaken by the UN tribunal commissioned to investigate the murder of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafigh al-Harriri; Nasrollah himself is under immense international pressure. Nasrollah has recently rejected further access to his lieutenants. However and regardless of his rejection the tribunal is closing on his lieutenants, and he has visibly panicked. After all he is the head of this terrorist organisation and understandably under his command nothing would have been executed without his blessing. He has all motivations to have simply wanted to divert the international attention away from himself - or perhaps his godfathers in Tehran!

The second possibility on the other hand may well be related to the pressure on his godfathers in Tehran. Representative of whom, appointed president Ahmadi Nejad, was in Lebanon recently. While he was there, tension was on the rise all over the region. President al-Assad of Syria, Nasrollah himself and even the current Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Harriri, the son of the late Rafigh Harriri, all talked about the fragile political situation of the Middle East. Ahmadi Nejad has taken his government domestic troubles to the region - mainly Lebanon. His government and the Islamic regime are under pressure both domestically and internationally. On the domestic front, since the last year election coup they have lost their legitimacy. Millions of Iranians on streets of Iranian cities were chanting against the so-called Supreme Leader and his appointee president.

At International level they are on the collision course with the international community over their nuclear stand off. The interesting point however is that they are unable to divorce this challenge from their domestic problems - human and democratic rights for the Iranian people strongly demanded at the last ballot boxes. Undoubtedly the international community has heard the Iranians' wish and responded accordingly. The UN Security Council and the US have drawn the yet toughest sanctions against the regime of Tehran. The new sanctions have mainly targeted the Revolutionary Guards Corp and its generals. However, since the generals have their hands all over the country's economy, these new measures will have negative effects on almost all aspects of the life of ordinary people on streets. And perhaps this is the nexus which connects the dots between Ahmadi Nejad's recent trip to Lebanon, talks of rising tension in the region and the Nasrollah's blunder.

Notwithstanding of these possibilities and/or the intention behind his nonsense talk about Iran; Hassan Nasrollah must seek new fathers elsewhere. Because human rights and democracy for Iran are inevitable. And a democratic Iran does not need a terrorist and his organisation; and will definitely not spend a single cent on them!