Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Millions who opposed his authority are microbes; uttered the Islamic Republic Supreme Leader

The Islamic Republic Supreme Leader, Ali Khameneei, has recently visited the holy city of Ghom–the Vatican City of Shiite Muslim in Iran. And there he called the Iranian people; "microbes".

The visit was his first after 10 years. It came amid his legitimacy crisis in which he is battling since the last year presidential election in Iran. Since the election and his siding with president Ahmadi Nejad and the Revolutionary Guards' generals, he has been seen responsible for all the atrocities committed against young Iranians. He is also known as the master mind behind the generals' soft coup d'etat. Because of these, his reputation in and out of the country has been dented beyond repair. During the last year protests people on streets of Iranian cities have torn his posters down, burned them, and shouted; "death to Khameneei".

This forced the organizers of his trip to take paid-people, this has become a normal exercise for him and his president Ahmadi Nejad wherever they travel inside Iran, to the city before his arrival just to make a welcome parade! It was during one of his appearances in the city when he dared to call his opponents, the people of Iran and their Green Movement, "microbes". It wasn't the first time, however, his appointed president Ahmadi Nejad and many of his generals have done the same before; insulting the people of Iran and calling them names!

Nevertheless, and regardless of his insult to the people, the visit has been seen by many as a desperate attempt on his part to reaffirm his authority and legitimacy by seeking the Clergy support. He now, in the face of unknown repercussions of the most stringent sanctions yet taken against his tyrannic regime by the UN-US, more than ever needs the support. It is vital for him. But his authority and leadership have both been undermined by many of the same clerics whom he sought their support. And while so far he and his gangs have managed to oppress those clerics; he and his generals seem visibly anxious. Their anxiety reflects in his out of control calling millions who opposed him "microbes". He and his president Ahmadi Nejad are extremely worry about the consequences of the new UN-US sanctions. They have in many occasions threatened people against any possible civil unrest resulting from the sanctions.

Nonetheless, he certainly knows that selling of the bashing, stabbing, torturing, raping and the killing of hundreds of Iranians, in the name of securing the so-called Islamic Regime, to many prominent clerics in the Iran's Vatican is not an easy task. Many of these clerics have publicly denounced him. After all most of them had formed the view over decades, or at least purport it, that the Islamic Regime is a holy regime! And they have apparently been preaching the god's words for their entire life. And now they are witnessing such a brutality against people in the name of god and his religion, Islam!

To sum up, while it is true that so far he has been able to silence those clerics who oppose him using his gangs including militias, Basijis (under control and the direction of the Sepah Pasdaran (the Revolutionary Guards), which have constantly attacked, damaged properties, and injured the clerics' followers; there is not much time and surely not many tricks left up his sleeves. Martin Luter king Jr is absolutely right "that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality ... that is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant."