Monday, August 23, 2010

Islamic Republic Revolutionary Guards threaten the World Peace

Following this-week Supreme Leader's remarks about the possible retaliations against the western interests world wide, should the Islamic Republic regime(the Shiite Taliban) in Tehran being attacked, number of high ranking military and political figures have also threaten the West in the last 72 hours. The new threats came amid growing speculations over using military means against the regime in order to stop it acquiring a Big Bomb.

Among them was the unelected president Ahmadi Nejad who as usual used his antique rhetoric and suggested that on such event "the entire earth would be a battle ground!" He sounded more like a child playing a war game with his peers than the president of the most educated and politically conscious country in the Middle East. No one, should, takes this guy seriously.

Others such as the Shiite Taliban Joint Chief of Staff and his head of Revolutionary Guards were amongst those who came out and made the same empty threats as their president did. All of whom reminisced Saddam Hussein and his generals before they went on hunting holes.

Nevertheless, weeks ago there was more action than talk when a Japanese Oil Tanker carrying 270000 tons of crude oil had been attacked by an unknown object discharged from an unknown source in the Hormuz Strait-the entrance to the Oman Sea from the Persian Gulf. The attack was not considered significant then since it had not caused serious injuries to crew or damages to the ship. However, implied message was clear.

The attack happened just days after the European Union countries had unanimously passed their strongest measures yet against the Taliban regime of Tehran. Taliban in Tehran knew that the new measures were designed to cripple its economy which is controlled by the Revolutionary Guards and their associates. The economy which finances the biggest terrorist organisations in the world. Terrorist organisations such as the Lebanese Hezbollah and the Palestinian Hamas.

All in all Taliban in Tehran and its generals must understand a simple fact; Iranian people, their country and the world peace are not to be taken hostage by them!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Regardless of intention behind the President Lula's offer; it is a joyful news

President Lula of Brazil came in rescue of his Taliban friends in Tehran. He this week offered to accept Sakineh Ashtiani, an Iranian woman under a death sentence by stoning for murky adultery charges, as a refugee in his country.

The offer came amid an outrage reaction, expressed by world wide protests, over the Ms Ashtiani's, a mother of two, punishment. The protests forced the Taliban-like regime of Iran to suspend her sentence, at least for now. However, Ms Ashtiani's plight is not over yet. Whether it was the Taliban in the past Afghanistan or their current Shiite brothers in Iran, we all are familiar with their gruesome treatment of women in such situation.

Whether the real intention behind the president's gesture was to relieve his milking cows in Tehran or it was simply a pure humanitarian one remains a mystery to us. Regardless, and so long as it has the potential to save Sakineh's life; it is a joyful news.