Friday, June 19, 2009

Hassan Nasrollah, Terrorists are not allowed in Iran

I was coming home yesterday afternoon. In my car I was listening to the BBC on the radio and there was an interview with a Lebanese journalist, the topic was the last year presidential election in Iran.

The journalist was asked about rumors that the Islamic Republic has conveyed undisclosed number of Lebanese terrorists - from the terrorist group Hezbollah - to Iran in order to quell the people's protests against the autocratic regime in Iran. “Mollas and Hezbollah are close friends,” he replied. Mollas being a friend of the terrorist group was not news to me; however, the transportation of the terrorists to attack Iranian people on streets of Iranian cities was a shock.

When I got home, I went online and check the BBC news, I could not believe my eyes; Hassan Nasrollah – the Hezbollah leader – has commented about the Iran’s election. “Forty million Iranians have voted for the Spiritual Leader of the Islamic Republic – Ali Khameneei,” he has claimed in his speech the night before in Beirut. I was outraged and disgusted.

How dare you, you little terrorist, to comment about the people of Iran and their country?! If Mollas have been paying you hundreds of millions of dollars of Iranians’ money each year for decades just to use your little terrorist group as leverage against the world; it does not mean that a terrorist, like you, is allowed to talk about the Iranian people affairs.

Iranians must slap this little creature so badly that he never ever again dares to butt into their affairs.