Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ahmadi Nejad Blocks Facebook

President Ahmadi Nejad of Iran is always consistent to give us something to poke him in the eye. His government has blocked the Iranians' access to facebook since yesterday.

Apparently Mr. Ahmadi Nejad has been worry about the way his opponents were capitalising on the facebook for the purpose of the presidential-election campaign against him. Since yesterday the blockage has outraged the Iranian Young and created a backlash inside the country. They reacted angrily by posting comments all over the Internet.

One only wonders that who are the brains behind such a political blunder. The simple question is that if Mr. Ahmadi Nejad and his colleagues think they can ignore the Iranian Young, their right to use the Internet freely, deny them the right to express and sharing thoughts with their fellow citizens and the outside world; and getaway with that? It seems that Mr. Ahmadi Nejad has shot his own foot.

Iranian Young will respond at the polling booths!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Belated Release of Roxana Saberi Is Welcomed

Common sense has prevailed and Roxana Saberi, the US-born Iranian journalist, has been freed from custody in Iran.

Since 2003, she has been living and working as a freelance journalist in Iran. However, since January this year - citing some blurry charges by the Iranian authorities - she had been imprisoned in Iran.

Although I personally am a little bit disappointed at the belated freedom of Ms Saberi, nevertheless her release was well overdue and it is welcomed.

Now that the Ms Saberi’s predicament and the political fervor surrounding it are over, we can concentrate on the most important issue for the Iranian people, the country, and the outside world, the 2009 presidential election in Iran. It is a mission which left in the hand of the Iranian people. The mission has three main objectives as follow:

1. It will send a clear message to the outside world that Iranian people are well capable of handling their national political calamity.

2. Iran is a peaceful country and its people are friendly and responsible citizens of the world.

3. They are going to offer the Iranian version of Obama with an unclench fist to shake hand with his American counterpart, President Obama.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


In our life we sometimes witness such an acute injustice which makes us feel hopelessly useless; that is when we left with no choice but to cry.

I had the feeling yesterday when I read the last telephone conversation Delara Darabi, the poor girl who has been hanged in Iran, had with her mother. “Mother, I can see the hangman’s roping, they are going to execute me, please save me”, said Delara. Imagining the helpless status of the poor girl against those heedless predators around her; I cried hopelessly!

She was not supposed to be hanged for at least the next two months. The head of the Islamic Republic Judiciary had ordered to hold her dead sentence, while her parents try to get the plaintiffs’ consent. In the Iranian legal system, the consent of the victim's family is the last resort to spare the convict life.

The prison authorities have acted against the order of the head of the Judiciary. They have also breached the law by not informing her lawyer at least two days prior to the execution.

Thanks to her art works, the Delara’s case had generated such international interest that the more moderates in the political establishment, through the head of the Judiciary, have successfully responded to the international community’s concern.

However, the hardliner in their attempt to sabotage this latest move by the more moderates to have a meaningful communication with the western world sacrificed the poor girl! That was yet another shameful political blunder in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

This time, they preyed upon the Delara’s frail body.