Wednesday, August 29, 2007

American and Iranian People Are Deserved To Have Better Politicians

It is absolutely amazing to watch Washington-Tehran relation these days.

Last week, Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agncy (IAEA) reached an understanding over the remaining issues of the Iran's Arak Heavy Water Reactor. I wrote about it here.(two good news of the week)

Two days ago on Tuesday, President Bush of the United State in an address to US war veterans in Reno, Nevada has said: "The Iranian regime must halt these actions,". Some times later on the day, US forces in Baghdad have detained 8 Iranian nationals.

Earlier than this, "Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned that US authority in the region was rapidly collapsing, and Iran would help fill the void. Soon, we will see a huge power vacuum in the region, Mr Ahmadinejad said. Of course, we are prepared to fill the gap, with the help of neighbours and regional friends like Saudi Arabia, and with the help of the Iraqi nation." Ibid

A day later, on Wednesday, the US admitted its mistake, regret it and released the detainees.

As it has been suggested in an earlier article here (A New Terrorist Group), the US-Iran relation looks more and more like an immature school's yard behaviors.

No wonder we have all these problems around us. Surely, American and Iranian people are deserved to have better politicians. Are not they?

مردم ایران و امریکا شایسته داشتن سیاستمداران بهتری هستند
این روزها شاهد رفتارهای تهران-واشنگتن بودن، واقعا باور نکردنی است.
هفته گذشته، ایران و سازمان بین المللی انرژی هسته ای بر سر مسائل باقی مانده نیروگاه اراک به توافق رسیدند. دو روز پیش، سه شنبه، اقای بوش رئیس جمهور امریکا در یک سخنرانی در امریکا، دوباره با متهم کردن ایران به کار شکنی در عراق ایران را تحدید میکند. ساعاتی بعد از سخنرانی ایشان، سربازان امریکایی مستقر در بغداد 8 نفر شهروند ایرانی را بازداشت میکنند.
ساعاتی قبل از سخنرانی اقای بوش، اقای احمدی نژاد رئیس جمهور ایران، در سخنرانی خود اعلام میکند که، شکست امریکا در عراق قریب الوقوع است و ایران اماده است تا با کمک کشورهای منطقه امنیت و ثبات عراق را تضمین کند.
یک روز بعد، چهار شنبه، امریکا با اظهار تاسف از این اتفاق ایرانیان بازداشتی را آزاد میکند.
همانطور که قبلا همین جا و در مقاله(یک گروه تروریستی جدید) گفته شد، رفتارهای تهران-واشنگتن بیشتر و بیشتر به رفتارهای بچه های دبستانی شباهت پیدا میکند. بیخود نیست که ما اینقدر مشکلات داریم.
مردم ایران و امریکا شایسته رهبران سیاسی با صلاحیت بالاتر هستند.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Two Good News of the Week

After their meeting this week, Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have issued a join statement, stating that the IAEA has accepted Iran's explanation over the remaining issues of the Arak's Heavy Water Reactor. Another good news was that Iraq's Shia, Sunni and Kurdish political parties join together to form a unity front.

First, why has the Iran's response to the demands by the IAEA, the International community, been, is and always will be important?

Iran is located in a region, politically, extremely sensitive, the Middle East. It has an extraordinary strategic values. The people, resources, location, religion, culture and its history make Iran a unique country in the Middle East. Thus, today, when it comes to the Iran's stand against the world, even purportedly, it is people and the country which pay the price. The total responsibilities are on the decisions makers in Tehran. No one in Iran has this right except the majority of Iranian people, I could not recall any referendum on this matter, Nuclear Issues.

Until then, this kind of good news is what I, as an Iranian like to hear. I am sure that I am not alone.

The other news, the Iraqi unity, although it seems a good news for the Iraqis, but I like to hear this kind of good news for my neighboring country too. I am concerned about the lives of the ordinary Iraqis which are lost on an everyday bases.

I am in favor of peace for all, no matter if it is Afghans, Iraqis or Iranian.

To finish, I would like to congratulate the Iran's Boy Youth Volley Ball Team, the World Champions, for the absolutely fantastic job that they have done.

دو خبر خوب هفته

ایران و سازمان بین المللی انرژی هسته ای در این هفته با صدور اعلامیه مشترک اعلام کردند که توضیحات ارائه شده توسط ایران مورد راکتور آب سنگین در اراک از سوی آژانس کامل و قابل قبول بوده است. علاوه بر این خبر، خبر دیگری مبنی بر توافق گروههای شیعه، سنی و کرد عراقی برای تشکیل دولت وفاق ملی از بغداد شنیده شد.

اول، چرا توافق ایران و آژانس، که بنوعی نمایندگی سازمان ملل و دنیا را یدک میکشد، همیشه از اهمیت زیادی بر خوردار بوده، هست و خواهد بود؟ و چرا خبر خوبیست؟

ایران کشوری پهناور با جمعیت نزدیک به هفتاد میلیون نفری، منابع سرشار زیر زمینی، نفت و مهمتر از همه موقعیت بسیار استراتزیک در منطقه خاور میانه برخوردار است. این موقعیت استراتژیک،میتواند یکی از خطوط قرمز امروز جهان غرب در مقابل ایران باشد.به نظر من، مهمترین است. بنابر این ایستادن در مقابل دنیا، به شکلی که طی دو سال اخیر از عملکرد تهران شاهد هستیم، یا حداقل سیاستمداران غرب به کمک رساناهای جهانی به این شکل تصویر کرده است، کاره عاقلانه ای نمیتواند باشد.ضرر این کار را مردم شریف ایران با جان و مال، و کشور با خصارات جبران ناپذیر به پیکره اقتصادی خود باید بپردازد. هیج فرد یا گروهی به تنهای حق تصمیم گیری در این مورد را ندارد، این مردم ایران هستند که باید تصمیم بگیرند. من رفراندمی در مورد مسئله هسته ای ایران را بیاد ندارم. تا آن زمان اینگونه خبرها، خبر خوب است و اطمینان دارم که در این باور تنها نیستم.

دیگر خبر خوب هفته، خبر توافق گروههای شیعه، سنی و کرد عراقی برای تشکیل دولت ملی بود. اگرجه ممکن است این خبر را مربوط به کشور و مردم عراق توصیف کرد، اما من خواهان صلح برای همه هستم، عراقی، افغانی و ایرانی فرقی نمیکند.

در پایان، باید خبر قهرمانی جهان را به تیم والیبال نوجوانان ایران از صمیم قلب تبریک عرض کنم و با ارزوی موفقیت در آینده.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

An Urgent and Confidential Message for Tehran

There was in news last week, that the third round talks between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has taken place.

Mr. Olli Heinonen, IAEA deputy director, described the talks as "good, constructive".

In July, there was an agreement in which Iran committed to allow the IAEA's inspectors to visit its heavy water research reactor at Arak, and also let the UN technical team inspecting its uranium enrichment plant at Natanz.

This agreement has shown that Iran is anxious to demonstrate the transparency of its programme.

In this regard, I read few comments by Mr. Javad Vaiedi, deputy of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, recently expressed hope that the West could respond to Iran's co-operation with the IAEA by not pushing for more sanctions. And I left a message, for him and his boss Mr. Larijani, on a website which has done the interview with him, but because of oppressive media regime in Iran, which we all are familiar with, they did not published the message. Now, I repeat it here.

Mr. Vaiedi, if you could not convince me as an Iranian and I felt threaten and uncomfortable by your language, then you must be sure the others felt worse! I am sure that you or any other Iranian officials do not want to send this message to me first, and to the others as well. Do you? wait, do not rush to answer, this is a tricky question to test your intelligence and your vision together, take your time, but you have a limited time! One thing you should know, that you are not sitting at the table by yourself alone, no matter if it is IAEA, the EU, the Security Council or the US, I, as representative of Iranian, am sitting with you at the table all times.

Without me, Iranian People, no one has a standing!

یک خبر فوری و محرمانه برای تهران

اين هفته در خبرها آماده بود که ايران و اژانس بين المللی انرژی هسته ای دور سوم مذاکرات خود را انجام داده اند.
در اين رابطه، معاون اقای البرادی، مذاکرات را خوب و سازنده توصيف کرده است.
در ماه جولای، در توافقی بين ايران و آژانس، ايران متعهد شده بود که به بازرسان اژانس اجازه بازرسی از تاسيسات نيروگاه اب سنگين اراک و همچين تاسيسات غنی سازی اورانيم در نطنز را بدهد. اين توافق نشان از تلاشِ ايران برای شفاف سازی بيشتر و با این امید که به جلوگيری از مطرح شدن و تصويب قعطنامه ديگری در شورای امنيت برعليه ايران کمک کند،انجام شد.
در اين رابطه، من مصاحبه ای از آقای جواد وعيدی معاون آقای لاريجانی رئيس شورای عا لی امنيت ملی جمهوری اسلامی خواندم و پيغامی برای سايت اينترنتی که اين مصاحبه را با ايشان انجام داده بود گذاشتم که به دليل جوّ خفقان حاکم بر مطبوعات در ايران، اين پيغام منتشر نشد. اينجا پيغام را تکرار ميکنم.
آقای وعيدی، اگر شما نتوانستيد من را به عنوانِ يک ايرانی قانع کنيد، و من از کلمات و لحن بيان شما احساس ترس و ناراحتی کردم، اطمينان داشته باشيد که ديگر شنوندگان شما به مراتب بيشتر احساس نگرانی خواهند کرد! من اطمينان دارم که امروز نه شما و نه هيچ مسول ديگری در جمهوری اسلامی ایران قصد ترساندن من، مردم ايران، و دنيا را داشته باشيد. داريد؟ در جواب دادن عجله نکنيد، اين تست هوش است!
شما باید بدانید، بر سر میز مذاکره با هر کس که باشید، اقای البرادی، خاویر سولانا، شورای امنیت و یا امریکا من و مردم ایران هم حضور داریم.
هيچ سياستمداری در ايران بدون حمایت مردم، نمی تواند که سیاستمدار باقی بماند!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


در حالی که ۶ سال از آغازِ مبارزه دنيا به رهبری آمريکا با تروریسم ميگذرد، تروریسم هنوز زنده است،

این هفته برای چندمین بار تروریستها به مردم چابهار در ايران حمله کردند.

افراد مسلح گروه تروریستی جندالله که تفکرات فکری مشابه گروه القائده اسامه بن لادن دارند، جاده را بستند، مردم بی دفا و بیگناه را کشتند، ماشینهای انان را آتش زدند و تعداد 21 نفر را به گروگان گرفتند و به پاکستان منتقل کردند.

با شنيدن اين خبر، به ياد سخنرانی سناتور امریکایی اوباما که کاندیدای ریاست جمهوری آمريکا هم هست افتادم که چند هفته پيش گفته بود، اگر رئيسِ جمهور شود و اطلاعات درستی از حضور تروریستهای القائده در پاکستان داشته باشد، دستور حمله به انها را حتی بدونِ اجازه کشور پاکستان خواهد داد. اين خيلی خوب است که آمريکا رئيسِ جمهوری داشته باشد که با قدرت در مقابله تروریسم بایستد

. چيزی بنامِ تروریست خوب و تروریست بد وجود ندارد. شما مرتکب ترور بشويد، یک تروریست هستيد، اما و اگر هم ندارد! من معتقدم که مردم دنيا بايد با قدرت تمام در مقابله تروریسم بایستند و با تروریستها هر جا که هستند مبارزه کنند
بر اين اساس، مردم ايران هم بايد در مقابله اين تروریستها با قدرت بایسند و با تمام امکانات و شدیدترین فرم ممکن انها را سرکوب کنند.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


While under the leadership of the United State the fighting against terrorism is six years old, but the terrorism is still very much alive, this week, the terrorists have attacked the people of Chahbahar, a city located in South East of Iran.

The gun men of a terrorist organisation called Jondollah, army of god, a Sunni Muslim group with the same ideology as the Osama Bin Laden's Al-Qaeda, closed a road, killed Innocent people, burned their cars, kidnapped as many as 21 people and took them to the neighboring country Pakistan, this week. When I heard the news, I remembered the speech by the US presidential hopeful Senator Obama some weeks ago. He said, if he happens to become the president of the United State and has the right information about the Al-Qaeda's terrorists inside Pakistan, the United State would attack them regardless. It is good to have a president that has a tough stand against terrorism.

There is no such a thing as good terrorist and bad terrorist. You terror, YOU ARE A TERRORIST, no ifs and buts about it. I strongly believe the people of the world must stand against terrorism and fight the terrorists anywhere they are.

In this sense, Iranian people must stand against these terrorists and defeat them as hard as possible and by any means.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The White House Headache Is Different Than Mine

After toppling Saddam Hussein four years ago, the White House still struggles to find a solution for its many problems in Iraq, the wider Middle East and let alone its political image all around the world.

The United State as let say the only super power of the world had an easy run to invade two countries, Afghanistan and Iraq. Both invasion were predictable long before happening. How? Because it needed fire power to execute the so-called 'Middle East' plan and as Francis Fukuyama beleives, stands as the last man in the history (End of history and the last Man). It was predictable then, as it is now to predicate invasion of Iran is a suicide. But, the question is, who had then thrown away the offer of talks and compromise by the President Khatami of Islamic Republic of Iran? Whoever s/he is, along with his/her advisers in any office which might hold must be sacked and hold accountable for the United State headache. I, as an Iranian will definitely hold him/her accountable for my headache, and for the political situation that has been created in Iran for the last four years.

My headache, however, is human rights and democracy for Iran. And if it was not because of the failure of the policy makers in the White House, I and millions of Iranian people who share my view would have been in a much better position now!

So, I would like to send this message to the White House: get your act together, sack the incompetent advisers, your headache is yours and mine is mine But unfortunately your failure has directly caused mine!

سردرد من با سردرد کاخِ سفيد فرق ميکند
هنوز بعد از چهار سال، آمريکا به دنبالِ راه چاره ای برای حل مشکلات خود درعراق،خاوره ميانه وهمچنين چهره سياسی مخدوش خود در دنيا ميگردد.
آمريکا به عنوانِ شايد تنها ابر قدرت دنيا، به راحتی دو نظام حاکم برافغانستان و عراق راسرنگون کرد، اين قابل پيش بينی بود چطور؟ به اين دليل که برای عملی کردن نقشه خاوره ميانه بزرگ وهمچنين اثبات عقيده فيلسوف امريکایی ،فرانسيس فکوياما، بر اينکه آخرين ايدئولوژی، ليبرال، بر جهان حکومت خواهد کرد، نياز به حضور قدرت نظامی در منطقه داشت. (کتاب 'پايان تاريخ و اخرین مرد)'
اين نگاه فوکوياما،اگرچه در ظاهر ميتواند که به واقعيت نزديک باشد، ولی من کاملا موافق نيستم
و اما، همانطور که ميشد حمله به افغانستان و عراق را پيش بينی کرد، به همان راحتی ميشود حمله به ايران را خودکشی ديد!
البته درمورد اشغال ايران) و بعد سوال اين است که، چه کسی در کاخِ سفيد پشنهاد مذاکره و سازش خاتمی را چهار سال پيش دور انداخت؟ هر کس که بوده بايد به همراه مشاورينش از کار برکنار شود و برای سردردهای امروز کاخِ سفيد مسئول شناخته شود. برای سردرد من و ميليونها نفر ايرانی ديگر که مثل من نگرانِ حقوق بشر و دمکراسی برای ايران هستيم حتما اين فرد يا افراد مسئول هستند! چون اگر در اثرِ بی کفايتی اينها نبود، ما امروز در شرايط به مراتب بهتری داخل ايران بوديم!
پس حالا اين پيغام را برای کاخِ سفيد می فرستم: خودتان را جمع و جور کنيد و بی کفايتان سياسی را از کار برکنار، سردرد شما، سردرد شماست و سردرد من سردرد من، اما، اين ناکارامدی شماست که مستقيما باعث سردرد من است!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Dream, I Have One For Iran

It has been said that one should have a dream first, before it can come true.

I need to say a little bit about human rights, it is my passion and my dream for my country, Iran.

According to the Articles 1, 3, 5, 9 and 20 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, one has the right to life, liberty and security of person, No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile, Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association."

These are the foundations of human rights laws, which people are enjoying or used to enjoy, in the western societies all around the world. Despite of some dramatic changes in the laws in recent years, I still believe there are measures in place, like judiciaries of the western democratic countries, to guard human rights.

But, what do these got to do with my dream? Simple, I want these rights for my people in Iran, I want them to enjoy the rights same as any other citizens of the free world. In Iran, some might say that we have the laws that respect these rights, and offer us the Article 38 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Iran as an example, which says:

"All forms of torture for the purpose of extracting confession or acquiring information are forbidden. Compulsion of individuals to testify, confess, or take an oath is not permissible; and any testimony, confession, or oath obtained under duress is devoid of value and credence. Violation of this article is liable to punishment in accordance with the law."

But, the actions of the Islamic Republic Judiciary in regard to the media, university students, peaceful gatherings of women, teachers, workers and the academics have and are contradicted the Constitution!

My dream is to see A new Iran!

يــک خـواب

مــن بــرای ايــران يــک خـواب دارم

مــيگويند قبــل از اينکــه انتظار داشتـه باشيـد که خوابتـان تعبيـر شـود بايـد خوابـی داشـته باشيد

.بنا بر بند های 20/9/5/3/1 اعــلاميه جـهانی حــقوق بشـــر ، تمام انســان ها آزاد به دنيــا مـــيايند و حقوق برابر دارند . حق زنـدگی ، آزادی و امنــيت ، هيچ انسانی نبايد در معرض شکنجه و رفتار غير انســانی و تحــقيرقرار بگيــرد . هيچ انســانی نبايد به دل خواه فرد ديگــری دستگیر و زندانی شود .همه انسانها حق تجمع آزاد و گردهمــايي دارند .

اين حقــوق، بنيــاد قوانيــن حقوق بشری شــهروندان کشور های دمــوکـــرات و آزاد جهـــان هستـــند. اگر چه که در سالهای اخير تعغيـيرات بزرگی در قوانين کشور ها پـديد آمده است، اما مـن هنوز باور دارم که تضـمين های لازم در سيـستم قضــايی کشور های آزاد جهــان برای حفاظت از اين حقــوق وجود دارد

.اما اين مطالب چه ربطــی به خواب من دارد ؟ خيلی ســاده ، من اين حقوق را برای مــردم کشورم ايــران می خواهم . در ايران يکنفر ممکن است که بگويد، ما قوانيــنی داريم که اين حقــوق را تامين می کنند و برای مثــال بنده 38 قانون اساسی جمهــوری اســلامی ايــران را برای ما بياورنــد ، که می گويد : تمام اشکال شکـــنجه به منــظور گرفتـــم اعتــراف و يا به دســت آوردن اطلاعــات مـمنوع است . اجبــار افراد به اعتــراف و گرفتن اعتراف با توســل به زور ارزش قــانونی ندارد و مرتکــبين در برابر قــانون خــلاف کار محــسوب و مجـــازات خواهنــد شد

اما عملکرد قوه قضائیه جمهوری اسلامی ایران در موارد گوناگون برخورد با روزنامه ها،دانشگاهیان، دانشجویان،معلمین زنان،کارگران تماما نقض صریح قانون اساسی کشور است و جرم!

خواب من، ديــدن يک ايـــران جــديد اسـت .

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Hi, keyboard arrived.

Since I started writing, I promised to write in both the English and Persian (Farsi) languages, but I was expecting to have a keyboard with dual capabilities, today, I got it.

From now-on, I will post the translation of the English text as well.

For today, a little message to Tehran!

Although the failure of the western politicians, mostly the US's, in the last four years the least, put the Iranian people in an awkward position in their way to claim the human and democratic rights, but Tehran should know that, it is time, the time for change.


کيبورد فارسی-انگليسی رسيد.

از زمان آغاز به کار سايت، قول به نوشتن به هر دو زبان فارسی و انگليسی داده بودم، ولی موکل به رسيدن اين کيبورد. از اين به بعد، ترجمه فارسی مطالب را هم خواهم گذشت.

برای امروز، يک پيغام کوچک برای تهران.

اگرچه بی کفايتی سياستمداران غربی، بخصوص آمريکا، حداقل در چهار سال گذشته، من و مردم کشورم را در بدترين شرايط ممکن در راه رسيدن به حقوق بشری و دمکراتيک خود قرار داده است، اما، تهران بايد بداند که زمان تغييرات رسيده است!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Just a note

Hi there,

This is a little note to let you all know that I am very busy this week.

I would like to write every day and I do my best to keep this promise, but sometimes my studies and other responsibilities catch on me. I promise, however, to write as much as I could, say most of the weekdays and in case of any important issue comes up.


Friday, August 10, 2007

Nothing New

"Iran is ready for direct talk with the US, but with no precondition," said Hashemi Rafsanjani yesterday in Iran.

Mr. Rafsanjani is the chairman of the powerful Expediency Council of Iran. He was talking at the Friday's prayer in Tehran. There was nothing new in his offer, since it has been echoed out of Tehran for the last two years.

Nevertheless, if I were in Tehran or in the White House, I would have asked myself this question, what will I lose if only once I just sit for a while and talk to the opposite side? In the Tehran's position, I could have stopped the Natanz facilities for a day or so to do some maintenance work. And in the White House's position, I could simply see this, a matter of days maintenance work at the Natanz facilities does not really help me.

So, for me, the best path is just to sit and talk. It all would be a matter of hours and if I do not hear a new and good things, then, my only lose is these hours. I would be in the same position as I was before! Is not it?!

Just a thought!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Positive move, but not good enough

Yesterday, two different issues came up which i like to write about.

First, all of university students, who have been apprehended during the peaceful gathering of 18 Tir this year in Iran, were released.

While it can be seen as a good gesture, it does not go far enough, still there are three more students, Ahmad Ghassaban, Majid Tavakoli and Ehsan Mansouri, in custody. I would like to bring to the attention of Mr. Hassan Adel, deputy of the Tehran's public prosecutor, his boss Mr. Mortazavi, and the leader of the Islamic Republic Judiciary, Mr. Shahrodi their duties and responsibilities under the sub-sections (1,2), section 156 of the Islamic Republic Constitution which clearly states:

"The judiciary is an independent power, the protector of the rights of the individual and society, responsible for the implementation of justice, and entrusted with the following duties:

1.investigating and passing judgement on grievances, violations of rights, and complaints; the resolving of litigation; the settling of disputes; and the taking of all necessary decisions and measures in probate matters as the law may determine;

2.restoring public rights and promoting justice and legitimate freedoms;"

And add this, A judge and A lawyer has entrenched responsibilities!

Second issue, there was a peaceful gathering in front of Mr. Mansour Osanlo's, the leader of the Transport Workers Union, home in Tehran. The gathering was to ask for his and his colleague release, it was part of an International campaign for their release.

But, the very bad news was that, not only they have not been released but also there were threats and more arrests too! I was just wondering if the Islamic Republic Government of Iran, or for that matter whoever pulls the strings in Tehran is familiar with the words, civil rights, citizen's rights, human rights, democratic rights, the International covenants which Iran is a signatory and the last one, public relation!

They better familiar themselves to these words sooner than later and boot out whoever is not!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Islam in Asia and the world politics

The above head line is the name of a subject study under the key program of History, politics and philosophy, and is one of my subjects this semester. It is about the resurgence of Islam in the world politics today. I have the subject on Wednesdays.

Why do i say this here? Because today, our lecturer was talking about Iran and the so-called Islamic Revolution of 1979 which toppled the Monarchy Regime of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi and replaced it with the Islamic Republic of Iran as the world knows it today. He believed we, the majority of Iranian people, were Muslims and still are, which is true, and because of our strong Islamic values, we supported the Ayatollah Khomeini and established the Islamic Republic. He also believed that the Ayatollah was more a Muslim than a politician. I strongly rejected his idea.

After a bit of discussion about the political situation in Iran at the moment, we reached the conclusion that the current spiritual leader of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Khamenei, like his predecessor the late Ayatollah Khomeini, is more a politician than a Muslim!

But, the question is, how good is he? Is he good enough to realise that standing against the people's will is suicide? The answer will remain to be seen.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Now what

Representatives from Islamic Republic of Iran, the US and Iraq have finished their third round of meetings in Bghdad yesterday, but the question is, now what?

They called it, "experts' committee on the security issues". By now, we know 'security' is about both the Iraqi people and the US soldiers' on the ground. Nevertheless, Iran will argue that its security is depended on the Iraq's security or I would say Iraq's insecurity, whichever they want to choose. But I would like to broaden the term and call it, experts' committee on the security and interests issues. Then, I can ask this question, who's interests?

After the meeting, when I heard the Iranian delegate talked about Iran's interests, I like to know who's interests he was referring to. Were they interests of Iran, Islamic Republic, politicians, ordinary Iranian people or a combination of some or all of these? I ask this question because as an Iranian, my only concern and interests are Iran and its people.

But today, when I see the violation of the basic human, civil and political rights of people on a daily bases in Iran, I have to ask the delegate, which interest were you referring to, Sir?!

Monday, August 6, 2007

The International Transport Workers Union called for releasing of Iranian Union leader, Mansor Osanlo and his colleague Mahmod Salehi

Mr Osanlo, the leader of the Transport Workers Union, was re-arrested upon his return to Iran after attending the International Transport Union (ITU) meeting in Europe.

Since his arrest, the ITU, based in London, has made many formal and informal calls to the Islamic Republic Government for his immediate and unconditional release but with no success. Now, it forced to call upon, if not millions, tens of thousands of its members all around the world to protest in front of the Islamic Republic Embassies all around the world on Aug 9.

After the announcement, there was a good news out of Iran. The Iranian Judiciary spoke-person has announced the release of the 5 university students and imminent release of a further 6.

Yes, it works, not only a huge noise is helpful to the deaf ears but it also helps the blind eyes in Iran!

It is 21 century, having political prisoners is simply unacceptable!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

More intelligent comments are heard from Tehran

Regarding the nuclear issues, at last and after almost two years of political rhetoric by the President Ahmadi Nejad of Iran, it seems Tehran is coming to sense the reality.

Suspension of the uranium enrichment, the main per-condition of the US for direct talk with Iran, is possible, said Mr. Ali Larijani, the head of the Iranian National Security Council in an interview with the German magazine Focus. (the original news is in persian(Farsi)-language)

It is a good news for the all parties concerned in terms of peace and to avoid a catastrophic results of yet another conflict in the Middle East. The most important beneficiaries are the Iranian people who their lives have already been put into disarray by the UN Security Council Resolutions.

At this stage the priority is peace.

But all of these do not mean the Iranian people are off the road toward their civil and democratic rights!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Crimes against humanity, A former Khemr Rouge prison chief in front of court

Today, no matter where we live, as a responsible world's citizen, we all are concerned about the crimes committed against humanity anywhere in the world. The establishment of the International Court of Justice by the United Nation is an evidence of the fact.

Kang Kek Ieu, Duch, is a former Khemr Rouge prison chief who used to be in charge of the notorious S21 jail in the Cambodia's capital, Phnom Penh. The prosecutors of the court have asked to investigate him over his role in the brutal Khemr Rouge era.

This story and the talks about the notorious S21 jail, refreshed my memory of the notorious S209 of the Evin jail in Tehran, Iran!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Wave of hanging in Iran, the road toward the democracy is a one way street and Iranian people are already on it!

In the last few weeks, there have been a number of executions by hanging in Iran! First, there was a group of 17, in the name of thugs and criminals! Then yesterday, Aug 01, it was a group of 9! They were all announced by the Iranian Judiciary.

This trend coincides with the anniversary of 18 Tir, the university movement, and the arrest of a group of Iranian-American academics, in the name of soft revolution!

One would wonder, is it a political message by the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) to its citizens? Or is the IRI trying to scare its citizens not to demand their civil and political rights?

But, it seems that it is its ignorance and faliure to acknowledge their civil and political rights!